Problems inserting an .skp to layout

Hi I am having problems sending an .skp file to Layout. I had updated the scene and then went to save and saved the scene then I want to send to layout and choose a D size paper. The scene I wanted to go onto the D sizes paper went there ok. I then went to camera and clicked on to preserve scale on resize then I want to the scale I wanted or even any other scale and it does not resize what is wrong.

Are you still using SU2019?

No I need to update my information I am using 2021 pro I think classic

Is the Camera section of the SketchUp Model panel shown in dark gray?

No. I can select the different areas an also when I have preserve scale on resize checked and I try to adjust the size it make the image smaller and when I adjust the scale nothing happens on the camera area nothing is greyed out.

Share the LO so I can see what you’re working with.

Outlook problems

Deselect Preserve Scale on Resize. Then set the scale. The only time you’d like need to manually select Preserve Scale is if you are resizing a perspective view. In Parallel Projection, let LayOut take care of that. It will tick the box automatically when you choose the scale.

I am wondering if it could be an hardware problems or graphics card problem because also the hybrid does not work.

I don’t see any problem with Hybrid working here after I corrected the scaling thing.

I tried that and it is not doing anything it just sits there. So you think it could be a virus

Or maybe one of the updates.

I doubt it’s a virus. And what update are you referring to?

Try starting over. Send to a new LayOut project. Don’t touch the Preserve Scale check box. Just select the desired scale from the drop down list. Drag the edges of the viewport if you need to resize the viewport to show the entire model.

[Dropbox - 20210627_144029.jpg - Simplify your life]

This is what hybrid looks like.

Why are you uploading images and your LO file to Drop Box. Just drag them into the forum post.

This is what I see after fixing the viewport and switching to Hybrid.

Then most likely i have a computer problem because my hybrid does not look anything like that. The reason I sent the files through dropbox is because I am using my phone to commuicate and not my computer.

Try repairing the installation of SketchUp. Make sure you have the latest installer downloaded. Right click on it and choose Run as administrator and then Repair.

Did you try starting over as I suggested?

I think I got it fixed I look in the help menu under check for upgrade I installed it and it seems ok .