Problems creating a complex roof

I have a model I am creating of a two story house I have created. I am trying to design the roof structure for it and at this time I am very much stuck on trying to create the roof. I need some help. Here is a linked copy of my file in Dropbox.

Thanks for any help possible

If you are able to post the model, someone here may see what you have and how to help.

You don’t say what kind of roof you want (pitched/flat; shallow or steep pitch; gabled or hipped).

Here’s one way of doing the main roof but there are many others.

BTW, I purged unused materials and tags and that alone halved the size of the drawing.

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Nearly a quarter of the size even…

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wilshire2.skp (14.8 MB)

Using 1001 bits tool, roof generator:- 30degs and 24inch eaves for upper, split the roof at front to allow for window, though needs to be smaller

Hi pcmoor

Thanks for the help. I was thinking about using 1001 bits tool was it the free copy or paid copy. I was wondering if you could explain how you did the roof.

I like a good roof doodle. Here’s some thoughts done with only the native tools.
An odd house to be sure…


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Tig’s roof generator has more more options than the free 1001bit , but the plane must be above z=0,

down load from
(free registration if not already a member)

I used the free version, 1001bit has the ability to do a loop with an inner loop, however loops cannot have more than one edge per a side.

Converting any roof creation to a solid helps to connect and cut to create a result, especially with multi levels.

I made a few DCs (multi pitch, octagonal, double pitch) that can be outer shelled to create solids that in turn be joined to the solid roof / shape, like adding dormers, porches…

I like Shep’s idea for a “flat” area, perhaps make the slope part higher and the “flat” a 5 deg lower iron roof with a box gutter so not so obvious.

added a video, though interrupted at end, shows some workflow concepts

now converted to using Tig’s tools,