Problems accessing Sketchup for Schools

We are trying to use Sketchup for Schools through GSuite authentication ( We have been using the app for well over a year with no issues, but my users are no longer able to access the app. I noticed a security setting where data had been revoked in my GSuite dashboard, but I have since granted access and there is no change in access to the app.

My users are all receiving the following message when trying to access

Are you in the right place?
SketchUp for Schools is only available for students and teachers in primary and secondary education programs.

Please ensure that:

  1. You are using a G Suite for Education account, and
  2. Your account administrator has enabled SketchUp for Schools on your domain.

Can you please assist?


You are not alone. Several threads have popped up and all schools are waiting to be whitelisted to gain access.

I think our issue is resolved. I noticed on the GSuite Dashboard that Sketchup data access had been revoked, so I had to allow that again. At first, I didn’t think that had done anything, but it must have taken some time to propagate to all users. Not sure if this was a coincidence or not.

Can you please add/whitelist