Msg: Sketchup wants to access your Google Account

Last year I added the Sketchup for schools app to our Google Gsuite domain. It’s available to everyone in our school domain and all the API’s are granted access. However, recently some pupils have been getting a message when they try to use the sketchup app. They are already logged into their school Google account, they click on sketchup in their Google Apps, and it asks them to login again, and then issues a message ‘Sketchup wants to access your Google account’ this will allow sketchup to : …edit your drives… see your classroom data…

I don’t know why some pupils are seeing this all of a sudden as I granted access to sketchup in the domain/for all users when I first installed it. Not sure why it needs access to their classroom data either!

Anyone know how to resolve this message for pupils?


@SwanmoreIT This sounds like a Google login authentication error. Can you provide me with your school’s email domain so I can add you to our whitelist?


Hi Steve,

when I go into the App Data Access setting in G Suite, it says, access partially granted
and shows that access to Google Classroom has not been granted & also not granted for Drives ‘See, edit, create, and delete all of your Google Drive files’. So seems like I need to grant Sketchup that access, - is this the access that Google has changed? Not sure why Sketchup needs access to our classroom data & to be able to delete all files from our drives though.

domain is in-case whitelisting helps.