Probleme Layout

Layout plante tout le temps à chaque utilisation.

Plus de fonction toutes les fenetres sont bloquées

Translated by Google:

"Layout crashes all the time with each use.

No more function all windows are blocked"

Please give more details. Share your LayOut file so we can check to see if the problem is related to the file.

Did you install SketchUp and LayOut correctly? That is, did you right click on the downloaded installer and choose Run as administrator?

Are you still using SketchUp and LayOut 2019 as indicated in your profile?

Is this behavior new or has it always done this?

Are your graphics drivers up to date?

Oui l’installation c’est faite comme il faut.

Par contre depuis un certain temps mon ventilateur tourne beaucoup, est ce que cela peut avoir une incidence?

Translated by the Goog:

"Yes, the installation is done correctly.

On the other hand for some time my fan has been running a lot, can this have an impact?"

It could have an impact. Especially if the CPU or graphics card is running too hot. Maybe you should clean out your computer.

chaque fois que j’ouvre la fenetre Layout, après quelques clic la fenêtre est planté. et ensuite je ne peux même plus fermer la fenetre elle reste ouverte et je dois la fermer via le gestionnaire de tâche

Google Translate:

“every time I open the Layout window, after a few clicks the window crashes. and then I can’t even close the window anymore it stays open and I have to close it via the task manager”

Does this happen with a new LayOut project that has no Sketchup model associated with it? Or is it only happening with one specific LayOut file?

First, deal with the reason your computer’s fans are running so much. Clean out the computer.

Second, repair the SketchUp/LayOut installation. Close both SketchUp and LayOut. Find the downloaded installer. Right click on it and choose Run as administrator. Then click on Repair.

Third, go to the Nvidia site, download, and install the latest drivers.