Problem word


While using diffusion, I realized that the word “douche” shower in English created an error message when running image generation.

If I use the English word, no problem.



( For users wearing no glasses… :wink: :peace_symbol: )

oh yeah, I read shower as show, It’s on me
*manages to put glasses back on nose


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  • or the mask you’ve been wearing has slipped over your eyes… :grinning:
    ( sometimes I can’t see well from the beer mug either… :wink:)

welcome to “woke” AI. it’s why i stopped using 4-letter words (you know, the dirty ones) and now use the proper terms like “fornicate” etc and now my renderings have vastly improved and error free.LOL :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I own a summer cabin in a nearby small municipality. Some search engines refuse to give me search results about the place because its Finnish name starts with four letters that mean something else in English. Other engines give quite a lot of unwanted results.


Lavabo and shower have the same number of letters.
Why does one work and the other not?

I was wondering if there wasn’t a list of forbidden words. But “douche” isn’t very insulting. :grin:

in american it is.
It’s a… personal hygiene cleaning apparatus that then became an insult. especially the bag.

A search works better if the town’s name is enclosed in quotation marks.

Yes, but what is the fun in that? Sadly, at least also Google’s language awareness has increased lately so it no longer assumes I am looking for “adult” content.

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The pattern matching has an issue with water: designing a house on the shore of a loch - however as soon as I mention ‘water’, even if qualified with ‘nearby’, on the shore or on the banks of, it renders the house IN the water. Which is slightly closer than we’d want…

That’s due to climate change.


If you put something on the ground under or around the house, that part should not show water.

in american it is.
It’s a… personal hygiene cleaning apparatus that then became an insult. especially the bag.

Thanks, I didn’t know.

So there must be a list of forbidden words, but only based on English.

I tested with an English swear word starting with F and ending with K and the same message appeared.

I tested with French swear words and Diffusion had no problem.

Well, I’m not trying to start a swear word contest, but here we see that it can be a problem because an English swear word may not be the same in another language. The example at the beginning is a case in point.

It tells me that similar to the forum, SU only has an english list of no-no words regardless of the language used in diffusion.

for a beta this is fine, but on the long run, they’ll have to make a choice, either no list, or language detection + local list.

Also, if douchebag is an insult, douche is mainly the hygiene apparatus. it seems the no-no list has a low bar.

Reminds me of an old joke from when I was a kid, some 60+years ago. What startes with “f” and ends with “uck”? Firetruck!

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