No-no word list somewhere ? strong language inside including the F-word

I have to say, I love how the automated censorship will block ■■■■ but not shite, ■■■■ but not poo…

but then it will fucking allow me to write somme shitty comment about fuck-heads.

And coming from the country where it’s dubbed as the “f-word” or “f-bomb” and saying it out loud will immediately ruin your social credit and brand you as an outcast, it’s fucking funny.

Obviously I understand the need of such a censorship list of words, and the limits of it as mentioned in this old thread where class and title were blocked due to containing ass and tit.

but I can see one that might need to join the list.


:popcorn: :popcorn: :popcorn: :popcorn: :popcorn: :popcorn:

Boy-oh-boy-oh-boy, this is gonna be good!

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oh c’mon, it’s not a shitpost (that one works, go figure)

I’m actually wondering what the list is, and how much control the moderation team of this forum has on it. because again, poo-p feels quite low on the no-no word scale compared to other s/c/f words.

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This stupidity has been acknowledged and commented on many times, I personally find that it allows for more accurate private messaging. I don’t have to type phuque.
It is a forum software issue, not something any moderator has chosen.


wait, censorship works in private messages too ? didn’t notice / try
it makes even less sense, one might be more inclined to talk about their excrements in private than public. :upside_down_face:

go figure.

ah yes. I’m not familiar with this forum CRM, I extensively used older systems back in the days, never know what’s customizable and what’s forced.

thanks !

That’s fucking amazing! With all respect to Box and it being commented on many times, why hasn’t it been fixed? The language thing is kind of minor, but it seems like there are more serious forum censorship and moderating issues that team members and others quickly dismiss as being part of the “software” as if Trimble is powerless to change it. Technology is a convenient scapegoat.

I am OK with the forum banning “inappropriate” words. I always remember that a sizable portion of members are minors. When needed, I think I am capable of being quite rude enough without using expletives. I try to limit their use to my private interactions with blunt or sharp tools or cooking utensils.


oh yeah, it’s actually very easy to have an offensive language without offensive words. just call your poetic nature and weaponize it
In the end, saying “Fuck you!” is lazy. “find the trees responsible of making your oxygen and apologise to them for your existence” is a bigger slap in the face.

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Most of my swearing I learned from minors. Kids are the best teachers!

How many kids use this forum? No doubt some do, but it’s hard to imagine there are many.

It really does not matter, there are students and teachers from all levels passing through, and we all should keep things civil.


That’s ultimately irrelevant for two reasons. First, kids already know and use as many foul words as adults; they are unlikely to learn them from a forum such as this. Second, as adults we should be conducting a polite discussion on this forum without any need to resort to offensive language. The forum software shouldn’t need to censor us!


All true but is a little ridiculous when you have to jump through hoops just to say something is C rap or D amn.
Next we’ll have to type h e double hockey sticks.

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Then there’s the comic strip version, e.g. !@%#*

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To me the real problem is that we have a secret list of automatically banned words selected by some prig who hides beneath the forum software. There is nothing assessing whether the specific word or usage would offend more than a prudish minority. (How’s that for insulting people with polite language!)

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It just took one time having my mouth washed out with soap. Now, would that be considered child abuse?

I just got otherwise severely reprimanded.
I have generally no issue with “c rap”, “d amn” or the many names of the king of the hot place below our feet but the commonly used sexually abusive or misogynistic talk, the F-word included, offends me.
(I don’t quite understand where the Discourse censor comes from, having banned D amn but allowing the F-word in its many forms)

from what I’ve seen on google, the admin / creator of the forum can upload a list of words. There are lists of words in one or many more languages, available online, many of them 1500+ words long.

but discourse seems to be limited to 1000. so it might be a darn oversight, but also, the frikking list might be too long :smiley:

also like how most of the -ing forms are ok. I guess there wasn’t enough space on the list.

I looked at how Discourse handles this. There is a Censor category, and for our forum the list of words is only 33 long. I’ve had to use word lists in the past, for children focused web sites and apps, and their lists are a lot longer.

What I see is a professional forum platform that has been either willfully tilted towards some kind of peculiar ideology about what is offensive, or, more likely, one that no-one at SU is really paying attention to or updating at all. Sprinkle in some unchecked authority by some admins to censor at will–sometimes without notification or trace (and apparently no internal accountability)–and this is what you get.

Of course everyone should be respectful and “play nice” as some have indicated before, but when you get down to it, context is everything and these vague guidelines are arbitrary and subjective. Given that most members are professionals at some level and pay significant “dues” to be here, I think we should be given a little latitude before big brother kicks in, and definitely afforded a little more respect.