Word Censoring in Thread Headings


Is there any way to loosen up the word censoring in thread titles? Some commonly used words are getting censored. Recent examples: entity, class, and titles. I tried to use titles in the title of this thread and was told it was censored.


I had to see it for myself…

Title contains the following censored words: tit, ass

that is ridiculous…



Trump has appropriated all the words, including all the good words up to and almost including 5 letters. There is now a tiny trump trademark on all the best words.


This, and prior discussions of the forum censoring really begs the question: “who is the prude who is creating these lists of bad words and imposing them on us?”. I don’t want this forum to become a haven of foul-mouthed trolls, but this censorship of letter sequences embedded in other words is absurd!


We do need to realize that school children do come in the forum looking for help. We should not be potty mouth in a public forum.

But,… this bug is ridiculous !

I think it would work better if sages could hilight offense words and right-click and choose a “add to blacklist” command, rather that some computer trying to discern that we are hiding naughty words inside other words.


“PC” rears it’s ugly head again


The problem is that the censor is only looking for those words and not looking to see if those words are contained within larger words.

For instance, “class” and “entity” contain profane words but of course they are not profane themselves.

Oh and @TIG, if you insist on defaming me on this forum I will be forced to take action against you. Stop it now.

I’d be happy to PM you my phone number so you can say whatever you have to say to my ear directly.


Well we have a nice list of bad words… not sure if Alex put them in before she left or if Discourse snuck them in, but “ass” was right there in the middle. I removed it… lets see if it’s less of a pain in the ass to say ass now.


This is a bit off-topic…
Please stop being an ass
You started this “name calling”.
In another thread, I simply explained to you that there were probably better [simpler] ways of structuring your model and display, and thereby getting your desired result.
But you seem to refuse or even acknowledge that this might be possible.
Instead you resorted to profanity.
That’s your problem, not ours.

Meanwhile in another thread @Box suggested that you might take heed of some straightforward advice to address another issue, and again you insulted him.

I cannot understand a member [like yourself] who has a problem and who asks for help, but when true help and advice is given, you retaliate as if you have been attacked. Badmouthing the respondent - showing no sign of thankfulness or even a well argued opposition to their advice.

You seem to have an attitude problem.
You are in danger of becoming a troll

Please learn to step back and take a deep breath before you post ill-considered comments and make a complete ■■■■ of yourself in front of every one.


■■■■ is also title/post censored, but parse is not post-censored !
Use italics !



Another simple word is tit found in words like attitude etc…
There are many more - I simply listed ‘ass’ as an example.

However, saying the lone word ‘ass’ in a post is likely to be an insult rather than a reference to a donkey, so perhaps that lone word should be censored - like a lone ■■■■ - which only means the one thing ?
Or even perhaps those starting with assh or ass-h or arseh or ■■■■-h etc

Whoever set up the list needs to think before they censor, and use sensible ‘matches’…


Please don’t feel it’s now your responsibility to figure out every swear word and how to use it. Based on how often this subject comes out… this is feeling like mountains out of molehills.


Hey Dave,

Could you send me some example links for those offending posts? As this thread is suggesting, entity, class and titles are all working fine within and suggest that it should be universal. If there is a bug that’s just doing it in titles then I’ll have to pester the folks at Discourse to see what’s run amok.



@Jody for my first reply, I simply tried to edit Dave’s Thread Title by adding ‘entity, class, and titles’ …

just tried it again and got

Title contains the following censored words: tit

ass has gone from the censorship…



This was the latest one: Sketchup tool cl@ss name At first I thought the OP had misspelled “Class” and I attempted to edit it to fix it. That’s when I found it was being censored. Someone else inserted @.

The other one I saw yesterday had something to do with Entity info. I can’t find that one now.


See post on the forum now using YouTube vidoes. If you have the player set to auto play then at the end of the post playing the play list starts and some shown are border line porn. Bet that goes over big in than schools.
See post number 32 in this post for example, make sure auto play is set Gearing Up with Sketchup


@jody here is an example from yesterday. A thread in the Ruby API category discussing classes for tools. The OP had to leave the “a” out of “class”, but I edited it and stuck an “@” in there:

Sketchup tool cl@ss name

Twas me! :raised_hand:


Clarification needed!

Basil to the rescue!

Fawlty Towers Bust His Ass!


Well, that’s silly. I’ve fixed “tit” and other words that might be part of a “real word” so hopefully we’ve nipped it in the bud. I had though the internet had gotten smart enough to recognize the difference… obviously this Discourse censor mechanism is a stopgap solution and hardly comprehensive.


Have you read the info I provided in post #17 above?