Word Censoring in Thread Headings


Isn’t the auto playlist is based on the last 50 videos in your personal history list…

I don’t see any porn offered at all, only similar content to what I have watched previously…



No porn at all, gutted.
Just that guy trying to mate raw geometry and components…


But you can reuse them in the same sentence as many times as you like


OH baby! Vector me! Vector me until I am 0,0,0!!!


Read the post again and make sure you have the player set as I noted.


Thats the weirdest sentence I’ve ever seen, I’m outa here!


Sorry sir but you are wrong.
The only way that would get in the history it was added when I first click on that link and it played. Do not jump to conclusions!.
Read the post and follow what was said there


Sorry I can’t get it, I am on a phone. Don’t see anything in way of settings.


Up in right corner there is a button, you can set that to auto play in your account. If you come into that post with auto play set the the play list that is attached will play and what I see is aircraft dog fight, maid on beach and several others. If you have the auto play turned off then those other links will not repeat. You have too make sure the first link plays to end


Some clarification. On the link there is a red button " Watch On You Tube"
That takes you to the link that shows the playlist on the right and the button at top that sets the play list to run. For some reason once that is set then the link also runs and displays in the su link


I’ve managed, first time I saw a very boring plane video game, watched about 5 episodes of that. Second time at end of video a female in lingerie, some lions, planes and other stuff.
I can see your point, but that is what you tube does, and to be fair is moderated pretty well.

Just my opinion of course.


Yes, Jody, I agree it is silly, very silly. That was the point I was making as I think its also very silly that a thread like this should be. Censorship only leads to an absence of discourse.

Not to worry I imagine DJT will knock the hypocritical PCness out of the USA in time.


I agree about this whole topic.
I cannot believe the time spent on a’s, ,t’s etc. and something so serious as letting YouTube videos possibly play any link they ok. Makes one wonder what is allowed for the SU given to class rooms.
I agree with Mike except I would think folks would want say on what is played back. I am old enough and spent year in Korean so not much I have not seen.
I went back to confirm and maid on beach is no longer showing, been spending lots of time watching planetary gear design, so John is correct but; that probably means what is played back is largely not controllable by Trimble.


I couldn’t agree more Dan, I direct children to SketchUcation because I have seen too many posts with vicious flames and objectionable language on this forum. Of course the problem with not being able to post words certain letter combinations is ridiculous. Better filters and additional (user suggested?) monitoring is needed


As we all know, @TIG has a long history of contributing in many very,very positive ways to the SketchUp community. What he writes here is (as usual) very decent and correct. So, of course, I have no problems at all to back him up in this specific case.

The attitude that @MikeO shows up, on the other hand, is one that I don’t expect to meet in a forum like this at all. So maybe, as he suggests, it is time to “take action” - not to @TIG of course, but to @MikeO himself (What has he contributed with, for instance? Nothing that I know of). Maybe it is time to call in the mods if he continues i this way.


I’ve already spoken to Trimble about the abuse I’ve sustained from the elite-minded folks on this forum.

But go ahead. Call in the mods. I don’t bother with this forum anymore.


I agree. Get rid of the trolls and foul language but…

Have you ever heard a bunch of children on their own, when they think no one can hear them?
One cannot protect children from common language, and foul language has become ‘common language’ It’s all over the media, games. etc. All one can do is delay the inevitable. Sad as it is.


Another one - scrap [ ■■■■ ] - is disallowed in titles but NOT in the message’s text !
The short expletive ■■■■ is banned all of the time unless some formatting is used to ‘mask’ it !


whats this all about


What’s what all about?