Problem with scenes, components and saving views

I have a model of a large wooden wall unit with many components, some of which are large sections that contain their own sub components. I have saved scenes so that I can import different views of the model into layout. To show different parts I have hidden some components. Scenes only saves the hiding or unhiding of components for the first level. If I hide any of the components contained within another component it effects all scenes. How can I save views of my model showing only one component or a select group of components?

Unfortunately this is true. You’ll have to do scenes with hidden nested groups and components entirely by using layers. And maybe some nested section planes in the appropriate locations.

How this works for you (how to it set up) depends on your model with all its nested groups/components in it. Is there a second, third etc. level of nesting, can you use section planes at all?

Could you share the model for others to see?