Problem with scaling DC on axis Z (blue axis)



I’m using SU2015 Pro and have created a DC kitchen cabinet that is fully scalable in all 3 dimensions. It works fine when scaling on the X or Y axes but when I want to scale it to a pre-defined height ( defined by tape measure/line drawn) it won’t be the correct height even if it says “on line”.
Tried also to enter the height in the DC attributes LenZ field. eg. set 90 cm but when measured the model with the tape measure it was only 898.2 mm

Any ideas why this might be and how to go around it?


It would be easier to help you if we could look at the DC and see exactly how it is set up. Could you share it?


Hi DaveR, it’s here. The component names are all in Hungarian, but it’s quite straightforward. I hope :slight_smile:
If not, please ask. The model is not finished yet, but the main problem is scaling on axis Z.

Every help is welcome.Thanks

dinamikus 1 proba.skp (102.6 KB)