Problem with rectangle dimensions



Hello, I’m a beginner.
I was watching the getting started video part 2. The guy in the video showed how to put in dimensions for a rectangle, for example 10’,20’ or 10’;20’
I tried both of these but it didn’t work. For the first one when I hit enter the rectangle disappeared and in the second nothing happened. Please answer if you can help,


Is this not what you are doing?

I use Pro not Free but I doubt there is a difference on this.

Firs select the rectangle tool. Click on a start point and drag the rectangle to any size (doesn’t matter at his stage). Then type your dimensions. I used 10’,20’ and then dimensioned it to show it was right. However, I work in metric so the dims are the nearest metric equivalent.


Maybe you are just zoomed in or out too far for the size of the rectangle you are drawing. I’m unfamiliar with MAC and can’t think of the keyboard shortcut for zoom extents though.


Here’s a screen recording of what happens when I do it


Thanks I think that is actually the problem


nevermind, I get it now. Thanks


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