Problem with moving objects in SU PRO 2015


Hi, I have recently installed SU PRO 2015 on a new laptop and have noticed a couple of issues. Firstly, I was having trouble with the orbit tool. When moving the mouse from left to right my model would revolve around an axis coming straight at me out of the screen. I would have to hold down the ctrl button at the same time to get it to work properly when starting new drawings. When working on an imported file however, it worked fine. Somehow it has sorted itself out and now works as it should in a new drawing situation. I’ve no idea what cured it! Now I have a problem with moving objects. They will only move in one plane. I.e. I can move anywhere on say the blue and green axes but not along the red. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what might be causing this please?


Hello @chris I have a few resources I would like to point out to you below, let me know if you still have questions. These may be more beginner suggestions, but are important foundational techniques.

Using the Mouse in SketchUp is unique, therefore if you have not fully dived into this I would recommend doing so.

Move Tool: Moving a single entity. Explore for more resources.

Restarting SketchUp and making sure you have the latest version of SketchUp Pro are probably 2 great first steps.


sounds like your mouse or track pad [driver] has some ‘odd’ presets, has ‘that’ been modified by yourself or another program?


Hi Alex,

Thanks for responding so quickly. After a bit of fiddling about I found if I made a copy of the object I could move that around as per usual with no problems so that was what I did for a little while till I discovered by chance that I can now move things properly without having to make a copy. In other words it has fixed itself!! I didn’t do anything. Just like the orbit tool appeared to ‘fix itself’ earlier. If I get any more problems I will follow the advice you have given in the hope that the problem will be cured as a result.

Many thanks again.



Hi John,

Thanks for responding. The problem appears to have fixed itself – I don’t think it was down to anything I did. I found that by making a copy of the object I could move the copy wherever I liked quite happily, I would then delete the original. However, quite by chance, I have found that I no longer have to make a copy and that the move tool is working as it should. Very strange! It was the same with the orbit tool which wouldn’t work properly at first. Anyway, everything appears to be working fine for now. Many thanks again for your response.