Problem with exporting / importing and materials from 3dsmax


Hello !
I am having hard times making dynamic materials on exported model.
Let me describe process.

  1. I export from 3dsmax ready low poly unwrapped model to DAE or OBJ
  2. I import that to Sketchup - it imports perfectly - unwrapped , with texture and material.
    BUT , when i try to create dynamic material and try to assign another material - i cannot. It just does not work , only if i go deep and sele all of the polygons - i can assign another material , but it assigns at polygon level by polygon.
    How can i make dynamic material to exported model ? I import model in Sketchup with the import dialog for DAE format or with the help of an extension for OBJ files.


I don’t know what you mean by “dynamic material” - that is not a SketchUp concept - which may be your problem. In SketchUp a material or texture is ordinarily applied to a Face (polygon) or surface (a collection of Faces whose joining edges are smoothed and softened). However, if a material is applied to a Group or ComponentInstance, it will show on all unpainted Faces and surfaces inside that Group or ComponentInstance. In your case it sounds like the contained Faces all have materials on them, in which case the material applied to the containing Group is ignored.


by Dynamic i mean that you can add that as Component option and select it from list - it will change on the fly , without user changing that by hand. But that just does not work. First i though i am doing something wrong with Component options , but than i realized that i cannot apply material at all. I can acquire it - but i cannot apply another one. In my case i am exporting Unwrapped model from 3dsmax as i stated above , it is unwrapped with material - which is completely fine. The problem is in applying another material with another texture (or just plain color). Unless there is a way to change texture of applied material via Component attributes ?


Ok i partially solved the problem - reading carefully your reply i exported with unassigned (unsupported) material from 3dsmax and it worked - i can change material ! Though last thing remains - now looks like UVW coordinates are broken ( Just unassigned… Any idea how to change that ?
Thanks a lot !


Try right-click a face and choose “Position Texture” from the menu. This will cause several pins and gadgets to show up by which you can manipulate the position, size, skewing, etc. More info about the texture positioning tool in this link and ones linked from it.


The problem is that i am making unwrap inside 3dsmax and trying to export those texture coordinates to sketchup , because i am baking textures in 3dsmax as well. But looks that just is not sketchup’s thing …


Sorry, I have no experience with 3dsmax so I can’t address your specific issues. I’m going to retitle this topic so that perhaps someone who knows that product will see it and chime in.


Anyway thanks for your help - your suggestion about blank material was really helpfull !


Can you upload a simple example model?


Sure , here it is
This is a model which was done in 3dSmax , unwrapped and texture baked - so it will have these fake reflections like chrome metal.
After that i exported it via OpenCollada to Sketchup. And i cannot change material to another one. I can change the texture , but not material. I will be able only if i will assign an unsupported for exporting material in 3dsmax , like 2-sided. After that i can assign any material in Sketchup , but my UVs are totally messed up , as Sketchup does not recognize them - he assigns material to each polygon , not treating object as one whole with uvmaps.
Thanks !