Problem with e-mail notifications?

Has there been a change to way in which the Forum processes routine e-mail notifications to members?

Last week I received at least one rather strange e-mail from the SketchUp Forum that from all appearances was a typical notification that someone had posted to the “Commercial and Collaborative Work” thread. Except the post the notification referenced was NOT new … it was over a year old … and the topic of the “old” post was not the same as the topic referenced in the notification e-mail.

  1. I do not think my Forum account (or my Trimble account) has been hacked.

  2. The notification e-mail I received appears to be a legitimate e-mail from the Forum.

  3. Could this have happened if a post was made to the “Commercial and Collaborative Work” thread … and then deleted? Is there a “timing window” that could explain this?

  4. Am I the only member that has noticed this oddity?

Will be happy to forward the e-mail in question.


E. Godsey

Most likely deleted spam.