Email notifications for Sketchup Forum

I used to receive notifications regularly for posts on the Sketchup forum (Pro). After cancelling my subscription to Pro in September, I no longer receive them. Please advise how to get back on the list without continuing to pay the annual subscription. Thank you.

uuh, cancelling one should have nothing to do with the emails from the other.

you can find that parameter top right of the screen, click on your profile (the big B on khaki circle), then the last button at the bottom, and from there, Preferences

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you have various preferences including email ones.

careful though, if you answer an email, it’ll appear as an answer on the forum, not a direct message to the other user. and also, careful, signatures and images are visible on the forum, including emails, numbers…

Thank you, atekiernab. The timing of the two must have been a coincidence. When I checked my profile as instructed it appears to be set correctly though no there are no specifics about receiving monthly, etc notifications to Sketchup Forum topics. I think the emails used to say “Since your last visit to forum you missed these discussion.” or something like that. I’ve check spam and junk mail but the notices are not there either.

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I think it might be this one.

it should send you on a regular basis a list of topics. or, below, the mailing list mode.

I haven’t tried either, you might wanna try one, the other, and both to see if it suits your need.

who knows, maybe discourse changed something there (the tool behind the forum)