Problem tracing a diagonally inclined two point curve and fill upper plane

Wood_PORTICO_insideCurve4UPPERcasingPROBLEM.skp (88.0 KB)

As an exercise
I am designing this portico with a wood covered casing over a principal glass door entrance to a building.

When I traced the two point curve of the outside the upper part of the plane filled up no problem.
But when I try to trace the matching curve on the inside in the back
only the bottom part (that is supposed to be glass doors) fills up.
I can’t seem to find the spot to snap to along the upper line (where I made the vertical line)
Checked the meeting points at the end
can’t fine where something is not co planar to fill out the upper wood part.
put lines across but it still does not fill up

Your description is confusing. Instead of recapitulating what you have done or what you can’t do, why not just tell us exactly what you’re trying to do?


Here is a screen shot
I am trying to fill out the part scribbled in red with a face (wood material)
to look the same way as the other side
I can’t tell it in other words, sorry

That face won’t fill because it is not coplanar.
Are you following any plans or do you have any dimensions ? The model seems rather lost and uneven.
I believe it will be better to first create the wall, then cut the opening trough the wall.

Since the wall is not coplanar, you must use the Intersect Faces command to cut out the opening.

Also, pay attention to face orientation. Try to resist the temptation to paint something right away. Leave it unpainted so you can see the geometry without interference. When the geometry is perfect and all the faces turned the right way, then paint it.


Thank you I manged to make the curve

after your comment I found the main problem being on the
right lower side of the model where there was a “thickness” missing

I just wanted to show where what kind of material would go
to better show where the sliding or swinging doors would be
actually I never taken away material I always like switched to another
how does on simply delete the material (without deleting the face)?

I didn’t know and think that Push/Pull was an option
as the outer side isn’t at a 90 degree vertical angle as the inside

ThanksWood_PORTICO_insideCurve4UPPERcasingPROBLEMsolved.skp (95.8 KB)