How to fill things in?

I’m a beginner and I need help filling in something, I’m trying to fill in the side of this quarter pipe but I’m not sure how, help is greatly appreciated.

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If the edges are all in the same plane, you just need to trace over one edge with the pencil tool.
If that doesn’t close the face then it isn’t flat so we would need to see your model to find the actual error.

This looks like it may be a bump so the edges are not planar.

Hello, as Box says your edges are not planar so sketchup isn’t creating the face you want. But instead of spending time trying to make them planar and draw again, you can simply pull the two faces in the back using the push/pull tool holding Ctrl key (that will create new faces out of it). Then erase unwanted geometry ! (personally i would start over by erasing everything but the two vertical faces, then push/pull them)

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