PROBLEM: Tool Tip on Mac, work only with vertical palettes

Hi SKP-Community,

SKP 2019 unter macOS 10.14.3

don’t know why, but the tool tips of my open plugins
on my workspace, only work, if my plugin palettes are
vertically orientated.

If i change them to horizontal, no tool tips are shown.

I had this problem also with SKP 2018, 2017, …

Hope someone have an idea.

Greetings and thnx for help.

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There were a few bug reports regarding this issue, but I cannot recall if the orientation of the palettes itself were taken in account for it.

I have the same problem with horizontal tooltips not showing. The vertical ones work fine though.

Is this still not fixed in the current version of SketchUp 2021?

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Nope not fixed