Pro expired if I subscribe will I lose use of Pro?

My Pro maintenance has expired I am very concerned that if I subscribe will I lose use of Pro ?. Please help I only have a few days to make a decision I do not want to lose my hundreds of models done in pro over the last 10 years

If you subscribe to SketchUp Pro you won’t lose the use of it. You’ll continue to have access to it.

What version of SketchUp do you currently have? Please complete your profile.

I checked, and I think you are using SketchUp 2021 as a classic license. The support ran out on that a while ago, but you do have a chance of a special offer to change to a subscription. If you do that, the classic license will still work.

What did you read that made it seem like there were only a few days to make a decision?

Pro for Windows with a maintenance agreement. Sorry what do you mean profile ?

The notice about the expiring said the deal for two year discount expires soon I think

Information provided for the forum that helps others help you. SketchUp version, license type, operating system, and graphics card. Yours is blank.

Click on the T in the purple circle in the upper right corner of the forum page, then Preferences, Preferences again, then Profile.

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Your ‘Classic Maintenance plan’ has already expired and is still working, isn’t it?
The last version of SketchUp that you activated will continue to be active (perpetual).

That means, you can remove the license and than use it on a newer or other machine. You are allowed to activate two machines this way (and get a spare activation as well!)

This hasn’t changed for a while and will continue to work (we have clients that still use Version 6, FWIW, they never upgraded or bought the classic maintenance plan)

You could describe the classic MP as a cheap way of getting the latest and greatest, instead of paying the full monty every release. That’s also the reason why you can’t activate older releases on new machines, despite the fact that each release works as a seperate application and you can run them simultaneously.

Since you did stick with that policy, you are entitled to use 2021 this way, even though your Classic Maintenance Plan expired. That classic MP is no longer available, but you do get the chance to hop on the ‘subscription wagon’

The major benefit of having the 2021 version is that it is using a new file format and should be able to open newer to be releases versions without the hassle of downsaving it in that newer version, first.

There were several promo’s to get classic users on the subscription wagon. You trade your last active classic license and get a discount, but, you are not loosing it, it will remain active just like it used to work.
You only get to trade in that last active classic license, once.

Keep a backup, preferably on different locations.

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