Upgraded my Pro classic License but subscription says expired

I upgraded my classic license and then removed my existing license and copy/pasted the new one provided via email. The email states that the maintenance and support expiration date is: 2021/10/31.

When I click on manage license in SketchUp and look at subscription status, it says expired. Is that correct? I thought that was where I could find the deadlines for upgrade. Where can I check that my pro version has the final expiration date of 2021/10/31?

Thank you for your time.

Maybe @colin can help you with this…

In the welcome screen, choose the license section on the left and then the classic tab on the top

You may have used a few email addresses. The one that has the license with support until the end of October 2021 is under an email that starts with jalopez.

The place where you were looking for a subscription will show that a 30 day trial you had has expired.

You will get a 2021 upgrade when it is released, and if you’re interested in the two year migration deal, you don’t have to do that until the end of October.

Thanks Colin for your email. I just wanted to make sure. Have a good weekend.