Prints out with large shaded blue square


When I print, a large shaded blue square is printed with the design. It takes up a lot of room on the page & causes the image I wanted printed, to be very small.

Can someone please advise how to remove the blue square from print view or from printing.

Much appreciated,

Can you share the .skp file so we can check to see if it’s in the file? Might be a graphis card thing, too.


I tried uploading the file, but it is saying that it is too big. Is there another way to upload?

Also, I have been able to print other images of same design without the problem.


Upload it to drop box and share the link.

How long ago was that?

Are you still using SU2018? Is your profile correct regarding the graphics card?

Thanks for that.

I have printed without & without the problem today & yesterday.

I have updated my profile details & the file link is:

Sorry …‘printed both with & without the problem’.

The blue square is just the sky in your model. You could turn it off and update the style so it isn’t displayed. You might as well set the background color to white, too. The background color doesn’t print anyway.

I see you have the focal length set kind of long (narrow field of view). I shortened it up to something more appropriate. I get the sky going all the way across the page, then.

It’s interesting, though. In your screen shot it looks like you have the model window set to be a vertical rectangle instead of horizontal. I can get a similar result if I drag the tray way out to make the model space narrow.

Here I’ve edited the style to get rid of the sky and set the background color to white. Then I adjusted the model window size so it more closely matches the aspect ratio of the paper.

You could get much better looking results if you were to set up scenes in the SketchUp model and then send to LayOut and render the viewport(s) as Vector. Then either print directly or export a PDF and print that.

It wouldn’t hurt to get in the habit of purging unused stuff from your model. I did and got rid of this:
Screenshot - 7_19_2021 , 10_11_28 PM

Reduced the file size by 25%.

Keep on top of the back faces. There shouldn’t be any exposed back faces and you could benefit by using groups and components for the geometry in your model.

Thank you …I will work my may through these.

Much appreciated.

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