Printing to PDF leaves vertical separation in image

When printing to PDF I am getting a vertical separation in the image. See attachment. Just started happening today. Any ideas?
vanity project (3).pdf (77.4 KB)

Probably the model is bigger than one page. Try to reduce zoom…

I have seen that problem before, and I believed it was fixed. I will check with the web app team.

Thanks. It just started doing it yesterday

Hi, Im having the same issue, How did you fix this

Knustford trusses .pdf (575.1 KB)

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Can you share your SketchUp file so we can compare results?

That link doesn’t share the .skp file. Download it to your computer and upload it here. Or if it’s larger than 16 Mb, upload it to DropBox or We Transfer and share the link.

Knutsford trusses - SKP.skp (290.1 KB)

Is That what you need.


I’ll take a look.

Thats great. thank you.

Evidently the issue in SketchUp for Web hasn’t been fixed for perspective views. If you set the camera to Parallel Projection and create a scene for the view as I’ve done here, the export works fine.
Screenshot - 10_10_2023 , 9_29_32 AM

Here’s a screen grab of the PDF.

Knustford trusses - SKP (2).pdf (1.2 MB)

I’m guessing this is a personal project for you since you are using Sketchup Free. You could get a better looking PDF is you were do use SketchUp Pro and LayOut, though. Here’s a quick example from your model.
Trusses.pdf (299.9 KB)

Hi Dave, Thanks for your help. I have Sketch up for Web. I only use it for small work projects. Mainly for fitted furniture designs. This issue has only happened a few weeks ago. its been fine for the last few year’s

Thanks for the help



So this kind stuff is for your business. Doesn’t matter how big the projects are. You really aren’t to be using SketchUp Free commercially. You need to at least be using SketchUp Go but if you have to create documentation, Pro with LayOut would be the better choice.

I download my drawing as a PNG. Then I open it in REVU and save as a PDF. The problem doesn’t follow and I get a clean PDF



Thanks again




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That worked a treat. Thank you.

It doesn’t matter the size of the projects, if you use sketch up for commercial purposes you must pay for a license that allows you to do so. Sketchup free and sketchup make are hobbyist versions for people who don’t profit with the program.

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