Printing to A4 from layout but will only print on multiple pages

I have been stuck for days and have read every support and watched every video on youtube. I have setup-- document setup, Page setup, scaled drawing, sketchup Model. Saved to PDF then tried to print. All ways get print preview on multiple pages. So frustrated.

Is the model able to fit one 1 A4 sheet?
Are you able to print an A4 sheet?
Is your printer set for A4?

What paper size did you set in Document Setup?

I set it on A4 through out setups. And set to print to Microsoft pdf.

I printed To Microsoft pdf. I am hoping to send them to local print shop to have them printed?

Instead of using Print to Microsoft PDF, use File>Export and export as a PDF.


Thank you very much. My printer was the problem. I exported to PDF and the print shop said it was good.

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Microsoft does not do METRIC :))ms metric

been like that for 20+ years… also does not do mm, base unit seems to be imperial like SU

So I would never trust a PDF created by MS in metric

Good to know, Hugh.