Layout doesn't print what is on screen/page

I’m trying to print out some drawings to take onto the shop floor. I’ve brought a couple of different perspectives/scenes from a single model into layout and what gets printed is clipped. Also layout has gone non-responsive (cpu and gpu high - program stuck) multiple times when prepping these pages. I’ve had to shoot it in the head with task manager and restart.

attaching a screenshot of layout with model positioned how I expect it to print. pdf generated with printer output set to microsoft pdf printer.

Any help or Ideas appreciated. Seems from other community posts that Layout needs some attention…

moldstand.pdf (509.2 KB)

To me it seems that you have a different page size in your Page setup (that refers to your printer) and Document Setup in LayOut.

To get from LayOut to PDF it is better to export to PDF than to use a PDF printer.

Thats it. My paper was set to A3 in Document Setup. Printer was set to Letter. I have only taken defaults, and quite frankly was unaware (my bad?) of these settings in Layout. Somehow expected that the paper would match the output. I guess this makes sense, considering that layout wants to output to scale. I guess it would be possible then to print a large document out on multiple letter sheets then tape them together ?

Trying to get some real work done and layout becoming non-responsive certainly shortened my fuse, probably could have known this.

Thanks for the quick helpful reply