Layout - send to printer, comes out blank

I cant get anything to come out in ink on my paper. I tested the printer for other jobs and its good. But I cant get anything to print as it shows on my preview to print. any help is appreciated.


There’s not a lot of info to go off of at the moment—since there aren’t any revelant screen captures, or uploaded layout files to look at.

My gut feeling on this sort of question is to make certain that you don’t have conflicting settings anywhere in the workflow.

As such, I think you should check that your printer preferences are not contradicting (and possibly overriding) what is selected within the print dialog window.

Discrepancies between selected page sizes (within the Print Dialog window) vs. default page sizes (within printer preference settings). . . or even, different zoom/scaling levels between the two… can be enough to cause a blank page, or heavily cropped images to printout.

Also, as far as Layout is concerned… You could have chosen a large format page size from a template. And problems would also be expected if that got pushed to a smaller letter size format, without using the proper scaling.

And then there is also issues of aspect ratios (width : height) between a chosen template, and the printed page size. Too far off in this area isn’t good either.

But my gut feeling goes back to my comments at the top, because issues of misfitting aspect ratios would tend to appear in the print preview.

If none of these idea help, Please post up some screen captures of your printer settings, and also an attachment of the layout file.

I know this is an old thread, but was having this issue myself. Very frustrating.
Instead of printing to a pdf choose- File- Export- Pdf and it works perfectly.
Not sure what the difference is, but worked for me.