Printing large multisheet 2d sketchup image to use as a template

Hi all, I have drawn in SU a 3d image of two interconnected spiral frames that is 1840mm at its longest and 1190mm at its widest. I want to print a plan of this shape at 1:1 scale on my home printer on multiple sheets of A4 paper which I can then stick together and trace the spirals onto a cardboard sheet. Can this be done? Would Layout work better for this? Thanks!

You can do that sort of thing in SketchUp but it is easier to set up in LayOut. In either case you’ll need to set the camera to Parallel Projection and select a straight on view (typically it would be one of the standard views) to be able to set a scale…

Thanks DaveR. I’ll check that out

DaveR, could you walk me through the steps I need to make to get that to happen? Much appreciated

In SketchUp or in LayOut?

Sketchup. thanks a heap

Rather than write it all out again, see the following links. These are old but still applicable.

Printing Templates–Two Approaches
Printing Patterns for Templates

If you have SketchUp Pro, you really should use LayOut.

And please complete your profile with SketchUp version number and type, operating system and graphics card. Thanks.

I’ll give it a whirl. Cheers!

I tried both the Sketchup and Layout approaches to this and ended up using the sketchup process. Works like a charm! Many thanks amigo!