Printing in Layout

I’m trying to print 1/2 size D sheet to my large format printer ( paper size 19x13 ) but I cant get Layout to print to the full drawing to the 19x13 paper size. Need some help


Hi David,

Your question is a bit vague, and I’m not completely sure what your trying to do

When you say… “I’m trying to print 1/2 size D sheet to my large format printer
(paper size 19x13)”

Does that mean that you’ve selected the ‘Arch D’ page size from Layout’s quick
start templates, and that you’re trying to scale that down to the paper size
which is loaded in your printer…(the 19x13 that you mention)?? . . . . . . [Arch D is 24 x 36].

If this is the case, then the best thing to do would be to create a custom page
size for LayOut’s use, and make it so that it matches the page size which you
actually want to print to (whatever is currently loaded in your printer). Doing
that should automatically scale everything down to the right proportions – and
you won’t need to account for any level of resizing between Layout and your
printers current paper size. What you see in layout will be what you get for
your printouts. […so long as you haven’t altered other setting within your
printers preferences.]

Things, of course, can be scaled - and that works best when the page ratios
closely match – which in this case they do, and the scaling factor would be by
1/2, or 50% as you also mention. So, in this case that 50% adjustment which needs
to be made, should take palce within the Print Dialog menu, (and possibly,
also, within the printers preference settings… which is to say that these
preference settings shouldn’t have values that work against those that are made
elsewhere in the print dialog menu).

If you’re adjusting the scale within LayOut, then that’s the wrong approach to
take. The scale options in LayOut are for scaling the SU Model to the page size
which LayOut is using. This will change the size of the model within Layout, but
it doesn’t properly scale the dissimilar page sizes which are in use between
layout and your printer.

If something else is at play here. then please clarify the details a little more.

Take Care, and I hope this helps,