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Hello, I recently ran into an issue printing from layout. The PDF shows fine in a digital format but when printed, or in print preview, it becomes greatly enlarged and slides off the sheet. Thought it was my print settings but my client (who first noticed the issue) had the same problem, and I was unable to find a setting for it. I have my template set as ArchD. (SU Pro '19) I’m assuming it must have something to do with the template being compatible with an 11x17 paper and not 8x11 but I have yet to figure out how to change the template after I’m done creating the drawing. Thanks!

Arch D paper size is 36x24. If you reduce the paper size in LO after you’ve laid things out on Arch D paper, the content will need to be resized to fit the smaller paper. If you leave it at Arch D and export the PDF, you should be able to print it to a smaller paper size by using the Fit setting in Adobe Reader or Acrobat. this is Arch E (48x36) set to print on a single letter size page.

Not sure where your 11x17 comes in to this.

Changing the paper size in LO after you’re done creating the document can be a whole lot of work. If the document is going to be printed on letter size paper, select that paper size before you get started laying things out on the page.

This shows the paper set to Arch D paper and the smaller rectangles are for letter size and 11x17. If you lay out your work on the Arch D paper size and later reduce the paper to letter size, only the content in the upper left corner of the page will be shown on the paper. You’ll have to shrink everything down. Also note that the various paper sizes here don’t have the same aspect ratio. You can see that the blue diagonal line does not pass through the lower right corners of the smaller rectangles.

Thanks for the prompt reply. So in other words, I’m in all sorts of trouble. I’ve got quite a number of drawings here and (for reasons unknown to myself) I’ve always selected Arch D as the template. For myself, I’m all digital, I never print, and my clients rarely do either but I guess I’ll either have to try resizing everything, or redo the drawings. Very good to know for the future though. Thanks!

Or just have the fit the PDF pages you send them to the paper they are printing on. Or maybe instead of redoing your documents, just spring to have your local office supply store or print shop print them on Arch D paper.

Yeah that sounds like a better option. Couldn’t do it on my phone but should be able to do it on a desktop. Thanks Dave.

Couldn’t do what on your phone?

FWIW, sending the client the documents on the right size paper will be a better thing especially if you have scaled drawings on the sheets. At least the scale will be correct.

Sorry it isn’t better news.

For future projects you might consider creating a different template on letter size paper for those clients who will want to print on that size. Or find out up front if they will plan to print them and get it done for them on the Arch D paper.

Cant print to fit on my phone through Adobe. But yes I went into my templates and found A4 which I will be using from now on. This saved me a lot of trouble for the future.

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Are you in the US? Make sure you are using a paper size that is standard for the area you live. A4 is a metric paper size and while it is getting to be more common in the US, letter size is still much more common here.

I’ve changed the paper size to A4. You can see how it compares to letter sized paper.

You can manually enter the dimensions of the paper or scroll to the bottom of the list for Letter size. They’re listed in alphabetical order.
Screenshot - 3_5_2021 , 9_48_02 PM

I’m in Canada, where A4 is default. But I do see an option for letter as well. Would probably be safer with that. I appreciate the help :grin:

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