Printing Hatches created in Layout

I have narrowed my printing problem down to one sheet in the series. It is a demo drawing using hatch patterns added in Layout to denote removals. I am printing from PDFs made from the Layout files so that I can half-size them for my printer limitations (Printing 12x18). I assumed the file size was the problem but have written individual files to their own sheet and the demo sheet is the only one that will not print. The error message is “no document was selected for printing” after it spins for many minutes.

Any reason to suspect the hatch? Any work around? I have tried both vector and raster versions in making the pdfs.

PDF-s are tricky to troubleshoot. When a page contains many overlapping objects, the resulting PDF may become too complex to print, with printers running out of memory etc. If the file can be opened in a PDF viewer (I use Adobe Acrobat) there are a couple of options you can try. One is to force all the page creation to be performed in your computer instead of the printer, by checking the “print as image” option hidden in the Print settings of Adobe Acrobat or viewer. Another is to export the page as a high-resolution image (PNG, for instance) and to print that or generate a new PDF from it. I have often needed to use these tricks when printing PDF files from CAD that have embedded raster images and several layers of CAD objects drawn over them.

Thank you. Printing as image worked. I only have Reader but the “print as image” check box is under the advanced tab on the print screen.

Much appreciated


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