Printing from Sketchup

For printing that doesn’t need high quality or for basic images in a hurry can I print directly from Sketchup ? Is layout required? The higher quaility images will be needed in the future though need Layout or another program as V-ray? And from “file” print to TIF or Jpeg good enough ? thanks.

You can print directly from SketchUp if you wish. The printout will show whatever is in the model window and you’ll want to keep in mind that the aspect ratio of the paper may not match the aspect ratio of the model window so that will come into play. You can experiment with Print Preview to see what you’ll get without burning through paper.

I can use layout later, but need to print out the drawings just for reference and to expedite the process and come back later to Layout and/or V-ray. I think V-ray can be used for printing after rendering instead as well, I added another note to my question, and will consider the Aspect Ration option. And is the Aspect ratio only available in the Layout program, and for the purpose of sizing the model or landscape to fill the entire page (not leaving any margins/borders ?

V-ray is a rendering application. You can export images from it but it isn’t specifically for printing from SketchUp.

The aspect ratio is the ratio of width to height of the model space in SketchUp or the length to width of the paper. Most likely your printer is set up to handle letter size paper (11 in. x 8-1/2 in.), which has an aspect ratio of 1.294:1. On my computer display with the way I have my toolbars and tray set up the aspect ratio is 1.734:1. That means the rectangle of the model window on my display is a longer rectangle than the letter sized paper and that will affect the way the model is shown in the print.

In LayOut you will choose the appropriate paper size to match what you can print. It’s probably easier to set up in LayOut if you want to show specific parts of your model butfor quick reference images when you don’t care all that much, printing direct from SketchUp could be faster.

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yes, I thought this was the case. I know the learning center for Layout program covers a lot of menu options that could be used later. But I see the printer settings and paper size will be affected without using layout.

Regarding V-ray which I plan to use later, after exporting the images can they be printed? I thought at some point even if V-ray wasn’t mainly for printing, printing can take place.

The nice thing about using LayOut is you can choose a paper size that, although your printer can’t handle it, you can export as a PDF and send it to someone who can print it. I regularly make LO documents for Arch E paper (48 in. by 36 in.) and send the PDFs out for printing. I don’t even have a printer mapped to this computer.

Yes. They can be printed like any other image. Or you could insert them into a LayOut project if you wanted.

thanks again, its clear especially about the printer paper size to fit the image more perfectly rather than printing directly from Sketchup. I’ll use Layout but limit it to the option of fitting the image to the paper.
Appreciate it !

thanks, can I upload a file printed. I tried using different settings and the graphics was distorted and the dimensions and direction was changed by accident. And can’t change to the original settings.


Can I upload a file? I’m trying to use the print --preview option. There were some images distorted after changing some adjustments. I couldn’t find the “Aspect ratio” except in the display tray for materials, which is not related to the print setup. This must be used in other parts of Sketchup. thanks

What kind of a file do you want to upload? And to where? The forum?

What adjustments?

There is nothing labeled “Aspect Ratio” in SketchUp. The term just refers to the ratio betweeen the length and width. In the case of this discussion, specifically the length and width of the paper or the model window. The aspect ratio of the paper is determine by the size of the paper you have in the printer. SketchUp gets that information from the printer.

A sketchup file and screenshot file for comparison to upload (to show the distortion after the adjustment in question) The files will be uploaded here. The adjustments were by mistake. At file>Print preview or at print setup. Im trying to reverse it to the original settings so when opening the model it is normal again in the preview. Other files in Sketchup don’t show this issue. And I created another file with the same model and still distorts.

Go ahead and upload them.

I couldn’t upload the file, sorry. The dropbox account was locked out. And the files were too large. I’m checking on other file upload options in the market. But the files uploaded show a comparison before the print preview and after. And both were in landscape adjustment in the print settings

lanscape.skp (3.4 MB)

The sky image in your model is a watermark and you set it to stretch so when you try printing the image does what you set it to do.
Screenshot - 12_6_2022 , 3_49_49 PM
Tick the Lock Aspect Ratio and then print. In Print Setup I selected Landscape for the paper orientation.

I use watermark a lot for other files and first time experiencing this problem. I just did another “print preview” and photosat ((uploaded )) and it seems to be working better. I follow the videos in youtube in reference to “Watermark” and other Sketchup tools. Regarding the background sky image. And aware of the "stretch’ adjustment option or “overlay’ option, under “Styles” category in the Display tray. And certain I’m adjusting it to 'stretch” every time so that it covers the entire sky, instead of part of it. So i believe it was another unrelated issue causing the overexaggerated vertical image ((top image )). But seems to be workig now. And the landscape instead of portrait was checked off. I wasn’t aware of the “lock aspect ratio” to be checked. I know the youtube video did point out to leave this unchecked. But perhaps it was for viewing and not print-preview. Thanks

Leaving it uncheck would allow the watermark to stretch as needed to fill the model window. In the case of printing it could cause issues depending on the paper aspect ratio and orientation.

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Are you aware that you can export 2d images from sketchup and then print them.
You can create scenes exactly how you want it to look then export those scenes as images and print.

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thanks, i see the distinction.