Printing actual size of model

I’ve just downloaded version 2024 though am wondering whether I regret that now.

I need to print in a position of my choosing on a piece of A4 models as per the attached. They’re deliberately 2D since they are going to be printed on white glossy labels to attach to 3D-printed mounting plates the same size as the models.

Try as I might I cannot get these to be printed the size they’re actually modelled. I’ve tried to follow instructions online but I wonder if version 2024 has changed things since nothing seems to work. The images have no background. I now have a ‘Document setup’ option in the ‘File’ menu but none of the settings (a) gives me what I want and (b) appear to be able to be changed in any case: they all default back to what they were.

The images need to sit in one corner of the page, not in the middle.

This seems to me like such a fundamentally easy thing to expect it to do.

I’d be grateful for any help from anyone.


Warning signs experiment 20 Apr.skp (314.3 KB)

Like this?
Sign.pdf (34.3 KB)

Simple to do with LayOut.

No. There was a change with SketchUp 2023 that removed print to scale because of issues with the way many print drivers don’t work correctly.

Working in LayOut with its paper space setup makes more sense and it’s always been easier since the release of LayOut to do what you want.

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Yes: that looks exactly what I"m trying to do.

Forgive me but I know nothing about Layout or how to achieve what you have sent me.

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Many thanks for replying so quickly.

Best regards.


OK. Here’s the LayOut file with four pages, each showing a different sign in the same location on the page.
Warning Signs.layout (324.0 KB)

I guess I would suggest going through the LayOut tutorials at In a nutshell I set up a scene in your SketchUp model with the Camera set to Parallel Projection and the standard Front view. I also modified the style to eliminate the gray background although that’s not strictly required. Then I saved the changes and sent the file to LayOut where I selected an A4 portrait-oriented paper template. With the viewport selected in LO I set the scale to 1:1. Then I dragged the edges of the viewport to show only one sign and moved it up to the left corner.

I duplicated the page three times and for each page I dragged the edges of the viewport to show a different sign.

If I were doing this project myself I would give each sign a different tag in the SketchUp model and put them all at the origin. The management in LayOut would then be easier because the page could be duplicated the a different sign displayed in the viewport simply by selecting a different tag to be visible.

I reworked the SketchUp and LayOut files to use tags for object visibilty as I described above.

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Dear Dave

Many thanks for that explanation; I am most grateful. I will experiment with your advice and also watch some LO tutorials to gain an understanding of how it is intended to work.

Kind regards.


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