Price format when generating a report


I need to change the format of the price-column when generating a report.

I am from Germany and in Europe, the number format goes like this: 1.000

But Sketchup uses the amerikan format by default: 1,000

Also I need decimals: 1.000,00

When I give a component a price, for example 12999,33 Sketchup changes it in 1,299,933 when I generate a report.

Can somebody help me with this?

Thank you.

Is it using your computer’s regional [additional] number settings ?
There are Control Panel settings.

or perhaps

The settings are all ok.

Also other programs like Excel work just fine.

I only have this problem in Sketchup.

Let’s call in the cavalry…

SInce the introduction of the advanced attributes, there has been a need for ‘true’ values:

Valuta in price
Clickable URLS in URL
Automated (Boundingbox) sizes.

Back to Dynamic Components and converting data in other software (Excel/Numbers/FMP, etc)

It works with dynamic components.

I just created an attribute “Price” and added it to the report. Unfortunately, it doesn’t convert the € sign correctly, so I had to made it a decimal number. Not perfect, but it works for my purpose.

Thanks a lot guys!! :slight_smile:

I hope the Sketchup-developers will improve the export of prices, since it is a great basis for calculations. As it is now, I would consider it more a bug than a feature…

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