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Bearing in mind that I’m using Sketchup Free, is there any way of preventing the reflections that you can see at the corners of this logo I made (where the blue turns to a lighter shade) ?

I browsed quickly through the available Styles, but none changed the lighting…

You’re referring to the shading due to the 3D-ness? No. In the SketchUp Free there isn’t an option to remove that. In the desktop versions you can, though.

Ok, thanks.

While I’m at it, is it possible to prevent these lines (circled) from showing up ?

Excuse my caligraphic skills…

If you apply the same material to both front and back faces you should be able to prevent or reduce that bleed through.

FWIW, here’s how a 3D model can be made to appear flat in the desktop version.

I see, thank you.
It’s true that I only bothered to paint the outside.

Normally that would be all you should do.

Typically when I have that bleed through I edit the back face color to reduce or eliminate it but that is also not something you have as an option with SU Free.

Thanks for the tips, it’s better now !

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While you cannot create that style in the free web app, you can download a model that has it and then upload it in the app…

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