Preference option for mouse scrolling direction on Mac

As I typed the subject line, I got a popup for similar topics, mostly dating back to 2016. So this is still not resolved . . I downloaded ScrollReverser but that is global and not app specific, which means I need to remember to enable it when I slip into Layout - and to disable when I switch out of it. PITA. I just find it hard to believe this simple option is not being implemented in one form or another.

+1 for rolling in an option to allow SpaceMouse to work the zooming feature, esp. if one could configure a side button to Zoom Extents/Window . .

In SketchUp preferences, Compatibility, is an Invert checkbox. Checking that box will give you natural scrolling.



@colin does that also carry over to LayOut?

Works in SKP, but not LO . .

Yes, it does affect what LayOut does.

Note that SketchUp saves the changes when you close SketchUp, which means you would need to change the setting, close SketchUp, then open LayOut, to see anything change.

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Why that is just like magic, it does carryover. Thanks.

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