Inverted mouse scroll (OS X)

On my Mac when I scroll up on my Apple mouse in SketchUp Pro 2016 I zoom in on my model. I System Preferences on the Mac I have ‘Scroll direction’ set to ‘Natural’ which is my preferred setting.

In my.SketchUp when I scroll up on my Apple mouse I zoom out of my model.

Would it be possible to add a setting to invert the mouse scroll on my.SketchUp?


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We’ve been begging for this for years now. Ironically you can toggle between the two modes in the Windows version. There is some sort of technical challenge to the problem, but I’m forgetting what the difficulty is.


my.sketchup uses your Natural Scrolling setting…

so, you have to turn it OFF to match Desktop SU [which is hardcoded to NOT use it]…

it works instantly [unlike some prefs] so you can quickly switch on/off when you use my.sketchup…


I found that ironic as well!

Anyways, I used to use “Scroll Reverser” on MAC to reverse the direction of the scroll when I enable it.
You can set it so it only reverse the mouse, not your trackpad.
I believe you can also set it to reverse on specific application only, but I don’t think that would be so useful for my.sketchup as it is your browser.

Just thought I would mention.
I graduated from MAC anyways :confused:

I read on one of the Chrome Extension’s page that Chrome now comes with the scroll invert setting at:


Does this appear on Safari’s settings page ?

You’re absolutely right, John! If I turn natural scrolling off then scrolling in my.sketchup works as expected. The strange thing is that I tried this on my Mac at work when I wrote this post and it didn’t change anything but when I tried this on my Mac at home it worked perfectly. I guess I’ll need to have a look at my work Mac Monday. :slight_smile:

Still, it would be nice if this could be hardcoded into my.sketchup like on the desktop version so you don’t have to switch. I found no option to invert the mouse in Safari but will take a look at Chrome. Ideally though, the option should be available in my.sketchup’s own preferences so scrolling in other browser tabs or programs won’t be affected and you can keep your preferred scrolling option untouched.

Thanks guys.