Change the scroll wheel mapping


I want to change the scroll wheel mapping, how can i do??

Normally, that’s the function of the mouse driver app. Just to make sure we’re communicating, please describe exactly what you want to do. That is, “change the mapping” from what to what?


Hello Gully

I want yo do this,, but in mac

Sorry, I’m pretty sure that’s a PC-only thing.


Today i start using skp 2014, before I used skp 2008 and it worked backward.
Is very difficult get used
Thanks for your time

Hi Julio,

Just to be clear, do you find the scrolling direction in SU2014 to be correct, or does it feel backwards to you?


Hi Jbacus

No, i fell it backwards

Hi John, I would like to add my voice to the requests to make the zoom/mouse scroll direction an option on the Mac version like it used to be (and currently still is on Windows). For reasons I cannot understand SU removed this option after Apple introduced “natural” scrolling. This response left many of us who preferred the zoom to work in the other direction left to deal with a compromised work flow. This has nothing to do with the ‘my direction is more logical than yours’ argument… I personally don’t see that logic resides with one direction in particular. A case can be made for both. What I do care about is consistency. The reality is that your customers always use other applications in their work flow. Want an example? Try going between SU to Google Maps or Bing Maps often in a day. Yes, you can change the zoom/scrolling direction in the operating system preferences but it is crazy that you would ask your customers to change how every other application works on the Mac just because you decided to remove the option to switch zoom behaviour in the application itself. It is an arrogant stance to take and I hope that you can review it. Programs like Autodesk Inventor (which I also use on a daily basis) allows for this option… why not SU?

Hope that you can help.


I agree. I’ve been using an older version of sketchup for years, and downloaded 2014 today. The reversed zoom scroll direction is really distracting, and it would be nice to be able to change that. “Logic” aside, all the other software I use (Autocad, in addition to the others listed previously) zooms differently from the new sketchup, and switching back and forth is going to be a real bear… inconvenient enough, in fact, that I will stay with the older version until this becomes an option.

The fact that this can be customized in the windows version and not the mac is adding insult to injury. :confused:

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Your scrolling direction behavior in SketchUp should be consistent from SU8 to SU2014, independent of the direction that you feel is most natural. Were you doing something previously to reverse SketchUp’s default scrolling direction, perhaps with a system extension or perhaps a setting in your mouse driver? Sometimes there are multiple stacked overrides (reversing something which has already been reversed) at play.

I’m not trying to argue for or against the “naturalness” of either scrolling direction yet, rather trying to determine if you’re experiencing a bug. Let’s figure that out first, then we can talk about how best to get scrolling working in the direction you prefer.


why not let the user decide in which direction he prefers the zoom wheel to scroll… as already available in the Windows version?

workaround: Scroll Reverser for macOS


Yes- probably the most reasonable thing to do is to let the user decide… But I’m trying to figure out if there is also a bug expressing itself here.


Hi John, thanks for your response.

No, there is no bug. I’m using a standard mouse with no additional drivers. As you know, SU only supports one zoom direction on Mac OS which has been hard coded into the app since the introduction of SU8. The real issue here, and the subject of this discussion, is why the scrolling/zoom direction option was taken away from your Mac OS customers when it was previously available and still is on Windows?

I have had this conversation with SU team members on several occasions before - See my conversation with Geo Mark here: Google Product Forums

Every time I have raised this issue or, like here, supported someone else who has raised it, the response from SU slides towards a debate over which direction is more logical. As I have written before, this is not an issue about logic. It is simply an issue about supporting your individual customers’ work flow.


I work in a High school… When SketchUp was recently updated, the scroll direction on the mouse wheels inverted, and my students were really disoriented… (me too).
Disturbing. Thanks for any remedies!!!

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Hi John,

Am I missing something? SketchUp (v.2015) still doesn’t allow Mac users to decide on their preferred scroll wheel direction?

Thanks for your time. I look forward to your response.

We have and issue filed to address this but it didn’t make it into SU2015.


Ok, Bryce. Thanks for the update!

Found a workaround, grab USB overdrive (also good for remapping back and forward keys of non-Apple mice), get it installed, then head to Sys Prefs and open in, in the settings tab, click the drop down menu and hit ‘new duplicate settings’. For the Application, hit ‘choose’ and go find your version of Sketchup (in Applications). Then for wheel up and wheel down, just invert the direction. (I have wheel up = down, wheel down = up, but you might be opposite, as I use ‘Scroll Reverser’ across the whole system - so I can still swipe left and right and get expected results, but scroll up and down in the way I expect it to work.) I then headed immediately to Sketchup and it worked instantly =].

Happy making

Unfortunately the use of USB overdrive works only on external devices, like a mouse with middle wheel, not on the internal trackpad. But if one uses a mouse one can override the lack of user customization in the mac version when it comes to scroll direction. This topic is getting old, and for many versions of Sketchup (2008 - ) the mac version is crippled vs the windows version. Hope this finally makes it into the priority list so that professionals can start using/ bying the mac version again. The windows version has a preference choose for scroll direction. Also some love for all of us who use retina screens would be good. One can hardly see the snap point on a hi-res screen, they are really small…

and also not in 2016 too… must be really complicated.

please do many of your Mac users a favour and realize it for M1 of 2016, tia.

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