Mac SketchUp 2017 inverted 'mouse wheel style' not offered in Layout?

I was really excited when 2017 was released to see that Mac users have again been given the option of changing the scroll wheel direction for zooming in and out of their models. This is a feature which was removed for Mac users in SU8 but stayed available for PC users this whole time. I have written about this quite a lot over the past few years and am really appreciative that this has now been rectified. It’s great that we don’t have to patch together a solution by using drivers to achieve the ability to choose our preferred method of working.

Then I fired up Layout 2017…

Wait… what? :rage: Please tell me I’m wrong and that I am just missing something here but it seems that Layout doesn’t offer the same choice to invert the zoom direction which is just so frustrating! What is the point of allowing your customers to change the setting on SketchUp if you don’t allow Layout to work the same way?

I look forward to hearing from the team on this one. Thanks in advance.

Model views in LayOut will use the same scroll direction that you’ve chosen in SketchUp.

At the moment, the zoom/scroll direction in LayOut paper space is not customizable - it will obey the system setting. We wanted to get this done for the 2017 release but ran out of time.


It’s actually doing the opposite of the system setting, scrolling up is bring things closer instead of further away.

Some day you ought to do pinch to zoom too.

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Thanks for your response, Marc. It wasn’t the news I was hoping for. The lack of this feature in Layout 2017 makes the inclusion of it in SU2017 a recipe for frustration. I hope that you guys recognise this and make it a priority to resolve for your next release.

Could this please be changed in an interim release?
It’s awkward switching back and forth between SU and LO.
Love having the option of changing the scroll wheel direction in SU!!!

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Same problem in 2018

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Marc – I take it that you “ran out of time” to implement this into Layout v.2018 too?

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