Possibility of find option within option list

I am looking for advice with my dc.
i am trying to creat drop down list with lots of option 200 and more that user can choose from. this can be easily done with makro and attribute inspector. the thing that i am trying to do is to add find option that user can type the option name in component options and it will find it in the list and give to user option to choose from the found options . i made easy example of drop down list of colors.

BOX-0.skp (100.0 KB)

thanks a lot

probably not required
whilst in the dropdown, or it having focus, the list will move to the first two initials, so for 200 odd, by typing ru, the first ru… will be highlighted then you can move down to the required if there.

thanks pcmoor again for showing me the way with makros…
this what you mentioned is not enought solution for me as for iam getting stock list of my supplier to dc that contains too many things. for example ABS edging … every note starts with ABSB 123/123 oak … like tis. i uploaded example for you to see what i mean.BOX-abs.skp (157.1 KB)

I don’t think there is a way to achieve this.
control f, only works on the dialogs not the values / input
=find(value,alist & value,1) to search a list is exhaustive (the “& value” prevents the error if the value is not in the list)

I think it would better to sort the list in excel first

Though I am a carpenter, my experience is more in domestic house construction, with some cabinet experience
I trying to understand the edge code, ABSB,ABSL is whether adhesive?,
so can be move to end and simplified?
The next a description code? not user friendly,
move to end
The recognisable part, color or material, then size should lead, then one can easily search the list based on the first two characters
If you want a macro to fix the list to suit, can do, but need a clear critria


hi again. attached two files. REHAU has names written differently than Hranipex.

hranipex : (original) ABSB HU17164 ANTRACIT 164 22/2, (needed) ANTRACIT 16422/2

(original) ABSB 97556/414 164 ANTRACIT PE 22/0,4 (needed) ANTRACIT 164 PE 22/0,4

the spacers between ABSB HU17164 and name can be one or two (check in files if needed).

as you said it might be easier to organize it in excel but still it looks pretty chaotic. and this is only abs edging . there are also sheets and components to be sorted out.

hope you could find some universal makro to do so. also the whole original name is in the cell as you see. thanks