OPTIONLABEL() not working

Hey, I can not for my life figure out why this won’t work. I am on a MAC, but it is not smart quotes. The material in AA_SPEC will not show an option label, OPTIONINDEX() works fine. Any thoughts appreciated!

HELP!.skp (188.6 KB)

=CONCATENATE(Parent!Glass," - 10mm tempered safety glass panel.")

no need for option label, if you need to use, then for this or option index, place in parent under an attribute and reference that


Hey pcmoor, thanks for the reply. Ya I can work around it, just wondering why it won’t work for future use? I find it weird OPTIONINDEX works but not OPTIONLABEL. Or are you suggesting to just avoid both those functions because they are buggy?

it’s a limitation in DC - you cannot lookup an option label outside of the object you’re calling from. as pcmoor suggests, create the string in the parent object using the option label there (since that is where the selection is made, in the parent object), then reference that string in a child component as needed…


Got it! Thanks guys.