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I have a very complex object and inside it I have a simple rectangle. I moved this rectangle around and now it sits in a coordinated almost exactly to 20,20,20. I say almost exactly cause sketchup shows the symbol ~20 when I try to move the object. So my question is this: how can I set a specific x,y,z position to an element? Is there some info windows that tells me the exactly top left coordinate of the object so I can position it exactly where I want?


Can you provide screenshots or better - upload the SKP file?


I think I get a better solution! I can make 2 guides and snap the object to the intersection of those guides. BUT there is a problem, SKECTHUIP does not snap to guides intersection! How can I make googl eksetchup create e dot right in the interserction of both guides so I can snap my object to that point?


If you make the intersecting guides ( which is a good idea), select the object to move then select the move tool. Pick up the object at the point you wish to intersect, then when it is at the intersection of the guides you should get a red x and an intersection text tip.

You may have to zoom in/out to get the intersection point.


It didnt work. Take a look at this file. You see 2 guidelines? I want to intersect them so sketchip generates a point so I can drag any object to that point. .Carrinho6.skp (1.2 MB)


Carrinho6iant.skp (1.2 MB)

Try this, the guides were not intersected. I deleted the two you had and put two more in using the guide point of the yellow part as a reference point.

You have to be careful to keep them on axis and aligned when you place them.

Any good?


For exact coordinates use for instance [0;0;0](=origin) for relative movement use <10m;0m;10m>


Not true. SketchUp does snap to guide’s intersections.
If guides are not coplanar, then there’s no intersection to snap to.


Btw Google has left the building about 5 years ago…
it’s Trimble now




Just think about where you want the guides to be referenced from and use that edge. It helps either using the arrow keys or holding the shift key to keep the guide on axis/plane, then snap to the point you need.

A little bit of practice is all it takes, apart from that, Your welcome.:grinning:


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