Help positioning my work

Is there a easy way to make my work lineup on a certain axis! I just opened a saved piece of work and I am trying to line it up on red and blue axis but it’s jumping every where I don’t want it! Is there a secret to this?

@Eddieb378, what you are asking, is doable. My technique would be to 1) delete existing guidelines, 2) add a guideline at red axis, 3) add a guideline at blue axis, 4) using Move tool select lower corner of design that you desire at red/blue axes intersection and 5) move to intersection.

inferencing can be your friend here.
Not sure if the example i’m posting is what you need?
Select your object by a relevant point with move tool- not arbitrary and then move it until it snaps to the axis point (or other relevant point) and then with the rotate tool, again select a relevant point and rotate until it snaps to the axis line - or other relevant point.