How to move a line to the axis from a standard view?

I’m trying to move perpendicularly the right line on top of the parallel axe (lighter green line) on the left. The line in the picture below is actually a figure in 2D seen from above, but it is the same with a simple straight line. This standard Top view allows me to see it is totally parallel and the distance between the lines among other things. I just press Shift while moving it so that it moves along the red axe (the red line gets grosser), but then it doesn’t snap at the green axe…

I could draw some more lines on each of these cases (I have several of these), but maybe there is a simple way to do this without drawing upon more lines… Is there?

In top view perpendicular along red toward and ontop of the green axis means holding down [Shift] or pressing [L-Arrow] once. But you need to do this in two steps if rhe black line isn’t in the Red/Green plane to start with. And you need to “tell” SketchUp where the green axis is. You can do so when the origin is visible while moving. Hover over it for a short time to see the inferense tooltip “Origin” (or “Constrained on Line from Point” if you constrained to red at that time).

Just try with the origin in view and hovering over it.

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Hi @Wo3Dan, I had finished moving all “by hand” (lines and other slow processes), but it might be helpful for next time I have a similar situation. Indeed I have tried moving some to the pre-corrections state and moving as you say, and it did work for the first one that was close to the origin. Now, being most of them considerably far and having just an imperceptible separation from the axis (I had to zoom in several times), it is not viable to orbit it so that the origin is in view… I guess I was expecting too much for the inference system
Yet, for many other cases, the majority, it will work so… thanks a lot!

You could draw a construction line or guideline with the Tape tool along the green axis, then inference to ‘on line’.

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Instead of zooming way in on the origin you might have one scene with the origin visible, preferably in X-Ray so you can see trough geometry blocking the origin.
When trying to move the object to one of the axes it won’t snap. Temporarily switch to that particular scene (tab the scene or use PgUp or PgDn, whatever gets you there) to find the origin and one of the axes, and then use ‘Preview’ (click the icon). The ‘Move’ operation stays active and you should now be able to snap to the axis of choice.

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Oh, I missed these last two replies. I had to leave and now that I’m again at it, I’m not totally sure what wasn’t working at the moment. Yet, I’m sure these will be very helpful next time it happens. I’ll report how it went…
Just, what do you, @Wo3Dan, mean by ‘Preview icon’? I don’t have any “Preview anything”…

To Move a selected line onto the green axis, without affecting its location relative to the red and blue axes, try one of these ways.
Select the line.
Select the move tool.
Pick one end of the line.
Start to Move the line parallel with the red axis.
Hold Shift so the red inference is heavy.
Click on the Origin [i.e. where all axes meet].
The Line will now be on the green axis.

Select the line.
Select the move tool.
Pick one end of the line.
Start to Move the line, and type [0,] + enter
Note: if you use a comma as the decimal separator use [0;;] instead - i.e. a semi-colon replaces the comma.
Do NOT click on the Measurement Box - just type and that will automatically appear in that box…
The line then jumps onto the green axis [x=0], but its other y/z values are unaffected.

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Thanks TIG! (now I don’t know which one to select as an answer - Don’t know either if it matters for anything, maybe not selecting any of them but liking the useful ones is a sign for others searching for the same to read them all… )

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