Portfolio update

More than a year after I finished my bachelor project, Sockertoppen, at school of architecture I’ve finally added it to my portfolio :smiley: . You may have seen the rendering before but now there are some texts and drawings as well.



Very nice, my friend. Very nice.

Thanks, my friend :slight_smile: .

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Your model images are so nice I’d love to see them larger!


In many of the projects you can download the original posters I used for presenting the project. I think the resolution is 300 DPI or so, and the paper size is often A1. If you are interested in any particular images I can also send the files. :slight_smile:

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Not easy to see in phone screens, but I’m very curious. Will try it again later.

The current web site isn’t mobile friendly but the PDFs should work, although being large in file size and maybe not suitable to download over a mobile network.

I like your portfolio a lot Julia. Knowing what you do plugin wise is one thing, but seeing the projects you did, that you design and build objects and also make that sort mechanical contraptions is impressive.