Polycarbonate sheet components?

Are there models for corrugated polycarbonate sheets available? I didn’t see any in the 3D library.
This is for a deck overhead.

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That’s not something that would be very difficult to model. Do you have a particular manufacturer and model number in mind?

I have not been able to model a clear corrugated sheet. Are there any tutorials?
I donwloaded a Suntuf sheet, but resizing and scaling are also issues I need to learn.

Here’s the Suntuf profiles. Which one to do you want?
SUNTUF_SunSky_Profile_Catalog_71753_latest_2.pdf (986.9 KB)

Don’t bother trying to reproduce the finer details.

I would only be resizing in length. No need for scaling. Just use Push/Pull. You might need to trim a panel in width but that’s probably most easily done by drawing a cut line on the end and then Pushing away the waste.

403 looks simple enough, but really its just for illustrative purposes so anything will work at this stage

Would 3801 work?
SunTuf 3801.skp (101.9 KB)

I didn’t make a ridge cap for this example.

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It looks great. I’m on 2019 skp version though

SunTuf 3801.skp (101.8 KB)

Time to upgrade.

Thanks! Your model seems to automatically scale itself. The ones from 3D warehouse were difficult to size and scale.

I don’t know what you mean. Mine is a simple component made to the width specified in that PDF file. There are 4 instances of the component in the file I uploaded. The only resizing you should be doing to it is changing its length which can be done with Push/Pull or ripping a panel down to make a narrower one which can be done by editing the component, drawing a vertical line along the end where you want to cut it off and pushing the waste to the other end.

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Understood. Thanks again.

Any advice for finishing the chamfer surface? I tried selecting the edges and using ‘from contours’ without luck.post:chamfer.skp (124.1 KB)

Connect the end points of the vertical edges. Then use Curviloft to finish the ends.