Polycarbonate: material / structure (also triangular shapes)

Hello guys!
May I ask, how would You model Polycarbonate in SketchUp? (In also triangular shapes)?

Cheers, Lenka

I’m not sure what aspect your question is about.

First step is to draw a face covering the required opening. There is nothing special about doing this for a triangle vs any other polygon. Then make that face into a component so that it won’t stick to other geometry.

Finally, open the component for edit and paint the face with a translucent material. There is a corrugated glass material in SketchUps Glass and Mirrors collection that could be a start. If that doesn’t suit, you can search for an image of what you need and create a material from that image, adjusting the opacity to suit.

I wouldn’t try making polycarbonate. There are people better at that. I’d just buy it from them.

Thanks! However polycarbonate should also have visible the structure, what any paint cannot provide. Cheers!

Thanks! Good tip. Cheers!

The main polycarbonate material is produced by the reaction of bisphenol A (BPA) and phosgene COCl
2. I wouldn’t try this at home. If I remember right, phosgene is a very poisonous stuff used in WW I as a chemical weapon.