Point Snapping Error in SU 2016 on Windows 10

Having recently purchased a Surface Book with Windows 10 for running Sketchup, we’re having the following issue with the cursor snapping to points in the model’s geometry:

In all previous combinations of Windows and SU iterations, the actual point that you are snapped to in the geometry has either a purple (within component) or green (outside component) dot to show you where and how you are selecting the geometry in question - this is extremely helpful and was clearly visible because the cursor could float off to one side whilst remaining “snapped” to the geometry in question (see example image from Windows 7). Both SU versions are 2016:

However, it appears that in Windows 10, this floating behaviour doesn’t work and the cursor ends up obscuring the dot that shows what you are snapped to. This means you can’t be sure that you are snapped to the right part of the geometry and makes it very difficult to draw/move anything accurately.

We’ve played around with Preferences and Model Info but it appears that there is an allowance in the software that allows the cursor to float to one side in Windows 7 which isn’t functioning in Windows 10.

Has anyone else encountered this? Its a surprising hindrance to drawing accurately in SU.

I assume that the Win 7 image is on older hardware and the Win 10 on the new surface book? If so, you are experiencing SketchUp’s problem with high-dpi displays. The markers used by the inference engine and certain types of screen text are too small to see. At this time the only fix is to reduce the resolution of the display.

Thankyou @slbaumgartner - dropping the Surface Pro’s resolution from 3000x2000 to 1920x1200 made a significant improvement.

Does this mean that Sketchup doesn’t really support hi-res displays at all?

SketchUp failed to anticipate laptop-size screens with high dpi (dots-per-inch, as opposed to large screens with high pixel counts but conventional dpi). In SU 2016 they took a few steps toward addressing the problem, but there is still a long way to go.

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Great info, thanks very much