Point Gadget v2 - automatically naming points


The creator of this extension doesn’t reply to my message that I sent via the Extension Warehouse, so I hope anybody else can give me some help or tips.

Some time ago I came across the wonderful Point Gadget 2 extension for SketchUp.
It’s an ideal solution for a ‘problem’ I have. It concerns a system of tubes that are suspended from the ceiling in a certain pattern/arrangement somewhat similar to a cloud or a flock of birds. Every tube hangs from 2 wires.

It would be fantastic to get a list of coordinates from which we can deduce the x and y coordinates for the holes in the ceiling, as well as the z coordinate to determine the length of every individual wire.
I came up with a system in SketchUp to arrange the tubes along a path, attach wires and place CP’s with the Point Gadget extension at the correct points.
The problem I have, and to which I hope there is a suitable answer, is that every set of points should be easily recognized in the CSV list. In other words: every tube has 2 wires and these 2 wires should be mentioned as (for example) a name of other property.

I hope you can help me!
Kind regards