Guide points coordinates (x,y,z) export

I use Leica laser (disto s910) to create 3d model of a room, and based on that produce furnitures.

From Leica I got guide points in dxf, export them to Sketchup, and then based on their coordinates (x, y, z) my CNC trimms eg worktops.

Case is that I get many guide points and at the moment have to manually write down their coordinates and copy to CNC program (Woodwop - Homag)

Would be really useful to be able simply export guide points cooridnates to excel or anything like this

Any one have an idea how to do this?
Maybe some extension? I’ve tried to find something but without success.

I did a search for “cnc” in the Extension warehouse and this came up:
Do you really need coördinates? Most CNC software imports .DXF files that has all the information (coördinates) in it…

What version of SketchUp are you actually using? There is no Free Web version 2019 as your profile shows and the free web version doesn’t have dxf import capabilities nor can it use extensions.

I’ve tried to import data from sketchup to Woodwop but without success, I know its possible but at the moment I move data manualy - no other choice until I find a solution, but this is a complex topic for another occasion

Just updated my profile, I use 2022 pro version so no problem with any extensions import etc

Try TIG’s Export Construction Points to CSV. That should get you a list of coordinates from the guidepoints in your model.

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DaveR, works like a charm! Thanks!
Is there any way to make a sketchup icon/button out of this ruby code which will run it, instead of using the console?

I guess you could write the code and create a toolbar button to do that. Or ask the author although since the plugin is available for free paying work might be a higher priority for him.

Here’s a video from tutorials up on how to do that using lord of the toolbars from Fredo.

Works perfectly! Thanks Man!
BTW - code by Chat…impressive


You can also look at PointGadget2

Or, Trimble Field link:

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