Sending dxf to CNC machines how to connect lines

I have been using Sketchup for years, have to export to CAD to connect all the lines so the cnc machine can follow as one connected line. There must be a way to export SkUP drawings to the cnc machine without going through CAD to connect.

You might try welding the individual SketchUp edge segments into a single polyline (curve)
Here’s the Weld extension you need: TIG-weld v2.0

Then, presuming the edges are drawn on the ground plane in SU…

Camera > Standard Views > Top
Camera > Parallel Projection

Now look under the Options button in the Export Model dialog and export only Edges
Then export the SketchUp model as a 3D DXF

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I have used SUP pro for 9 years and have and know how to export to CAD successfully, I export the file to a folder, open up CAD open the file into CAD, join all the appropriate lines into an entities, save as dxf in cad
Then export in dxf into either the plasma, router or laser. I want and think Sketchup should be able to join these lines ready to work in the cnc machines without going through CAD.
The above post/reply, stated to look under the options button. I have no options button, it maybe a plugin,
if so I will try to find it.
Any other suggestions I appreciate them.
Thanks Dennis

when you select File >> Export >> 3d Model a sheet opens to select Type of file…

There is an Options Button on that sheet…


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You are correct, I had never noticed that, I appreciate your instructions as well. I will give it a try.
It is amazing how a person can get stuck into a rut and never crawl out.
Maybe I crawl out today

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Thank you guys with your help, I got it working, It will save me time


That’s good to hear @gscalemodeler

For those who might visit this thread later on, a screenshot of the Export Model dialog.

This link might also have some info you can use. It would be great for SketchUp to have an explicit way to export vector geometry from 3D for CNC purposes.

Merci beaucoup pour l information, ceci m’est très utile !!!
Après des heures de recherches.